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    Dogs in the Summer Heat – What to Do?

    Dogs in the Summer Heat – What to Do?

    This summer is tough on us (I bet British people are nodding heavily) and it’s not over yet… It’s easy for us, humans because we more or less know when we’ve had enough of heat and can cool ourselves in one way or another. But what about dogs? Well, the thing is that they won’t stop running around when the sun is shining unless you stop them. Dogs can’t sweat through their skin. The only thing that’s left for them is panting and releasing heat through the paws (you could agree that it’s not too much ). The question is how can you help them to avoid heart stroke and other problems caused by heat. 

     jack russel terrier

    List of things that you can do for your doggie in the summer heat:

    • Always have clean and relaitvely fresh water at hands! Make sure to have your morning/evening walks somewhere you can get fresh water if you need it.
    • Probably it’s for the best if you schedule your walks early in the morning or late in the evening as the weather is more pleasant and less dangerous then.
    • Make sure that the surface you are walking on is not too hot for your dog’s paws. If it’s too hot for your palm it’s too hot for his paws!
    • Ask the opinion of a professional groomer about the proper length of your dog’s fur.
    • Use a belt harness instead of a normal to minimise the surface of fur/skin that is covered by the dog harness. For this purpose you should consider ordering a belt harness by the brand Julius-K9.
    • Never leave your dog in your car!
    • If possible (and if your dog likes it) go for a swim instead of the usual walk or play near water.

    - In this case you should be aware of the signs of water intoxication and go to the vet ASAP if necessary.  

    - If you think that your dog needs a bit of help while swimming order for him a multifunctional dog vest with removable foam pads that helps floating on water. 

    • Watch your dog for signs of over-heating like heavy panting or lethargy etc. If you think it’s necessary to stop walking search for a shady place and rest a bit.

     goldenretriever water

    Enjoy the rest of summer even if it’s too hot at times… Surely you’ll miss these days ont he coldest days of January! 

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