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    Julius-K9 Power Harness - Color guide

    Julius-K9 Power Harness - Color guide

    Traditional K9 Powerharnesses are also available in many-many colors! 

    Being traditional isn't equal to old-fashioned! 

    Let me introduce all Julius-K9 Power Harness colors for you!

    Basic K9 Power Harness colors

    1. Black 
    2. Red
    3. Blue
    4. Camouflage
    5. Earth
    6. Orange
    7. Pink
    8. Kiwi Green
    9. Aquamrine
    10. Purple
    11. Silver
    12. Blue Sky

    However, tradition can renew: The New Colors

    1. UV Orange
    2. Dark Pink
    3. Anthracite Grey
    4. Chestnut
    5. UV Neon Green


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