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    Water-Loving Dogs of Europe, Here’s Something for You!

    Water-Loving Dogs of Europe, Here’s Something for You!

    What Should I Do With My Doggie – Water Sports for Dogs

    Here we are with another guide for owners. Be really careful when taking your dog into water. You may ask whether you should take your dog for trips near rivers, to the seaside etc. Well, it depends… We can’t emphasise enough that dogs differ from each other a lot. Probably it’s useful if your dog can swim, as it may save his life one day. Nevertheless, if your friend is not really a water-dog type, don’t push him to swim regularly. If your dog happens to be a water-loving fellow then you can try some sort of water sports with him.


    Water sports for dogs:

    • A simple swim in the lake nearby.
    • Fetch floating toy from water.
    • Surfing or paddle boarding.
    • Canoeing or boating together.

    Whichever water sport you choose to try with your dog you need to be careful! Natural waters can trick any of us, so yo need to be prepared. We decided to handle a list of useful equipment for doing dog water sports.


    Things you need for doing water sports with your doggy: 


    Having ordered your water pack Julius-K9 products you are ready to go! However, choose the location wisely, make sure your dog is safe! Do not play for too long, as your dog won’t say when he’s had enough! Notice the signs of water intoxication like lethargy, a gloomy gaze, vomiting etc. If you think there’s a problem go to the vet emergency ASAP!

    A bit of an EXTRA for you: 

    If you happen to be in the UK in August, you may want to go and watch an aqua dog sport event (either as a participant or as a spectator). Have fun!


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