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    2017, April

    Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 2
    3 Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 2

    In my previous blog post I talked about our sidebags. 

    Now let me share some information about our other accessories, such as

    • Julius-K9 Chestpads
    • Julius-K9 Seat Belt Adapters
    • Julius-K9 Y-Belts
    • Julius-K9 I-Belts

    Julius-K9 Chest Pad

    This soft part of equipment helps with distributing weight...

    Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 1
    102 Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 1

    Julius-K9 Saddlebags

    There are multiple kinds of Julius-K9 side bags

    • Universal Sidebags
    • IDC Sidebags
    • K9 Sidebags

    Universal Julius-K9 Sidebags

    These are colorful and really helpful accessories. You can keep your phone, documents and other important, small-sized things in it. 

    It is waterpr...