Frequently asked questions


1. Correct sizing, putting on the dog harness

When putting on the dog harness, we must pay close attention to the correct adjustment of the chest strap and the girth strap. If we leave the straps too loose, the dog can even hide behind them. While an girth belt that is set too tight is "just" extremely uncomfortable for the dog, a chest belt that is set too tight causes the buckle to go under the dog's armpits and rubs its skin painfully.

Dog harness measurement

When adjusting the straps, pay attention to two things:
1. the chest strap should be adjusted so that four fingers fit comfortably between the dog's front leg and the strap under the belly (in the case of Baby1 and Baby2 sizes, it is enough to leave a distance of two fingers)

Julius harness sizing

2. the girth strap is of sufficient width if we can slide our palm under the harness on the dog's back (in the case of Baby1 and Baby2 sizes, it is sufficient to leave a distance of two fingers)


2. K-9® or IDC® power harness?

K9 Powerharness and IDC Powerharness transmission

What is the difference between the K-9 ® Powerharness (1997) and the IDC® -Powerharness (2010)?

  1. The reflective chest straps of IDC® Powerharnesses are formed that way to minimize the load on the neck of the dog.
  2. The reflective chest straps of IDC® Powerharnesses are sweeping upward to the direction of the leash holder ring and in case of using the right size they make the throat of the dog more free.
  3. The saddle part of IDC® Powerharnesses much less covers the side part of the dog.
  4. The message which can be fastened to IDC® Powerharnesses can be easily seen sidewards and from above.
  5. Size 0 and larger IDC® Powerharnesses have safer rubber strap grip fixings.
  6. Size 0 and larger IDC® Powerharnesses are provided with torch holders.

So IDC® harness is the upgraded version of K9® Powerharness. The water-repellent K9® Powerharness with hook & loop patches and reflective elements also contains everything we need for everyday walk with our dog. You should consider both types to choose from, because for special dog shapes K9® Powerharness can be more fitting. Both harnesses can be the perfect choice, if we would like to make everyday doggy moments to be more beautiful by using a heavy-duty and quality harness.

Either of them is chosen, IDC® or K9® Powerharness, the use of dog harness equipments is recommended on both types of harnesses, in any stages of the growth of the dog. By putting dog harness equipments on a dog, we will get a steady load distribution and a more stable chest strap and hereby we can ensure a more comfortable wear for our dog.

  • The neckline design of the saddle part of IDC® harness is similar to the Y-harnesses.
  • The chest strap of IDC® harness is more inclined.
  • The color range of IDC® harness is extremely wide.

IDC® (Innova Dog Comfort) is the exclusive development direction of Julius-K9, which since 2010 includes products that are innovative and in many cases extraordinary in light industry. Novelties registered in the patent offices also appear in the form of dog harnesses, collars, and dog toys, but thanks to the substantial engineering and inventive work behind the production, some new technologies can be effectively used in many important areas of life. In addition to the well-known reliability, users of IDC® products receive the realized ideas of the world's leading dog trainers and our development engineers.
We have developed the All Time Light®  technology, which provides you and your dog with more perfect visibility than ever before. 

3. Is it worth buying a dog harness for a puppy?

It is important to know that dogs work against all coercive influences from the beginning. So they really don't like it when we pull them back by their neck - especially by squeezing their throat with a thin strap. This is in addition to the fact that it is not very healthy for puppies in particular, they themselves do something about it: the more we restrain them, the more they pull.

The use of a dog harness is one of the main pillars of non-forced modern training. It can be easily and quickly installed and removed, and it helps our life with the dog in countless everyday situations. It is important that, when used correctly, the joints and bones of the developing dog are not burdened by the wide straps of the Julius-K9 dog harness to such an extent that it could cause permanent damage. In the case of fearful, panic-stricken, aggressive dogs, the collar should be used at the same time as the harness. The parallel use of the two products is similarly effective in the case of working dogs.

The use of a dog harness is not only recommended for puppies, but also for dogs with short noses and small bodies. As it is typical for these dog breeds to have more sensitive trachea and larynx, they will cough even from a slight tug on the leash. The dog harness, on the other hand, takes the load off their necks.

4. What is the solution if the dog gets out of the harness?

The JULIUS-K9® chest harnesses (Powerharnesses and IDC®Color&Gray® belt harnesses) have been designed for ease of use and for simple application. These types of harnesses are therefore most commonly used during city walks or when working with service dogs. As a result of improper leash use, sizing, or harness adjustment, some dogs can still wriggle out of the harness.

If the leash is inadvertently pulled in the opposite direction to how the harness was put on, the harness might be pulled off the dog. This can happen if

  • the harness is adjusted too loosely,
  • the dog starts moving backwards trying to run away.
  • the dog lags behind and is being pulled by the leash


Dog harnesses are designed to guide the dog in a gentle, neck-sparing way on the leash, to hold the dog, and to make it possible for the owner to hold it back in case of an emergency. A dog harness is not a coercive tool! When facing the dog, do not pull the leash towards you and never pull the dog after you on a leash because it will hurt them. Improper leash treatment can cause the dog to try to escape. The owner would be responsible for the dog pulling loose from the harness should this happen.

The dog does not like being tied up and being pulled around, held back, etc. Since it doesn't release forwards, it tries backwards. In this case, the use of the "Y" and especially the "I" belt (dog harness + collar + I-belt) can help, but the game is not decided here. Let's imagine the situation in the case of a simple collar! As soon as it reaches the line of the owner holding the leash, the dog has the opportunity to pull its head out of the collar. Provided that the leash is taut, so the owner holds it tight. The same is the case with all dog harnesses. The owner pulls the harness over the dog's head. Practically assists in getting rid...

In the case of the harness, the following must be done against this: adjust the buckle strap of the harness so tight that we can easily slide our fingers into the inner lining of the harness and between the dog's back. Let's start the walk and interrupt the dog's first "reversing" operation with a strong leash pull and the "no" command. After that, the leash must be loose, then take out the reward snack and give it while walking. If the dog panics while wearing the harness, a loose (always relaxed) leash makes it impossible for the dog to escape if it tries to rear its tail. With small jerks, we can also prevent the animal from going in the wrong direction.

For dogs that are only dominant and simply want to be free, as well as for panic-"sick" dogs, the forbidding and calming words and the appropriate tone of voice will guide our pet in the right direction. It is clear that in the case of more fearful dogs, the reward wall and calming are more appropriate, but in many cases it may be justified to lead on a double leash led by a specialist, in which the animal is controlled by the collar and the dog harness at the same time. If the desire to get out of the harness no longer appears, let's relax the buckle strap of the dog harness a few more centimeters and surrender to the joy of walking. Provided that we still have enough... :-)

5. Why should I buy a Julius-K9 product?

Harnesses that can be equipped with Velcro labels, the so-called The inventor of K9 dog harnesses, Gyula Sebő (Julius), was born in Hungary, and Julius-K9 products are manufactured in Hungary. In addition, the IDC® dog harness won the Hungarian Product Grand Prix in 2015. 

Executives Gyula Sebő and Anikó Bakos with the award
Photo: facebook.com/JuliusK9Magyarorszag

The company was founded in 1997 and is a member of the recognized companies that contribute to the growth of the Hungarian economy and export efforts with their innovative, high-quality products. The quality of Julius-K9 products is recognized not only in Hungary, but also overseas. In 2015, the Pet Business Industry Recognition Award in the clothing category, in which the most exciting developments in pet equipment were evaluated, was won by the Multifunctional IDC® dog vest.

The dog harness has many advantages. Thanks to the reflective strips and the flexible lamp holder straps, you can walk your dog safely even after dark. With the help of the pressure-distributing pillow, the load is distributed evenly on the dog's chest, so that the dog does not suffocate even with a strong pull.

The Julius-K9 products include all the equipment and accessories (dog harness, leash, muzzle, collar, etc.) that dogs and their owners may need for a walk, recreational play, or training during. The quality of Julius-K9 products meets the needs not only of average users, but also of professional dog trainers, police and working dogs. Several special dog harnesses are available for therapy and assistance dogs.

All dog harnesses, universal side bags and some dog collars can also be customized with Velcro labels. In addition to the pre-made texts, you can also provide the interface with your own, unique inscription. You can write the dog's name, the owner's phone number or any funny custom text on it.

The product range is constantly expanding, some product lines (Color&Gray, IDC Lumino, K9 Power harness, IDC Power harness, K-9 clothing) have been expanded with new colors and products this year too. These products can be viewed in the New items menu item.


6. Why should I buy from the k9harness.com online store?

Why should you buy from us?

  • We sell only the best quality products
  • Constantly updated sales
  • Package deals at a faborable price
  • Outlet products
  • Fast delivery, even in 2-5 days, even when ordering a wish label
  • 1 year warranty for all products
  • Friendly service, continuous information about the status of the order