We, at K9 harness offer you harnesses of the highest quality with many benefits. Let us present it to you!

P24S Custom labels - an extra to your harness!



As we are true dog lovers, we do everything in order to satisfy the needs of dogs and their owners.

With our brand new P24S individualized labels you can help your dog to make his true self visible to the world. You tell us what you want to have on the patches and we produce them precisely to your needs. You can choose the text, the colours, the font and patterns to create the best match for everyday life or for special occasions. It is useful, funny and cool in the same time.

Are you wondering what to write on the patches? It’s up to you and your imagination! The most common choice is the name of your dog but if you want to you can show the hidden treats of your little one to the world this way. Does your puppy has some virtues, funny habits, weakness or a favorite nickname? Let the world know about it! Check our Facebook page to get some ideas.


In 2 days 2 you - Fast shipping

Has it ever occured to you that you ordered something and you had to wait weeks to get it? We know how frustrating it can be... When you got it finall you were still happy with it, but it was not the same as it could have been.

If you order from us, we guarantee, that it will never happen to you. As you have your order paid in 2 days we will give it to the delivery, no matter where you live in Europe. We have a huge amount of our products on stock, so you will never have to wait much for them to arrive. We have a large selection of harnesses, so you can choose any of the colours given, you will get it.


Size warranty

We know, shopping online is always risky. We don't want to cause you any stress with buying at us, so we provide our customers a 14 days long size warranty. If the size you have chosen does not fit your dog, you can send it back to us in 14 days and we ship you the right size immediately.


Julius-K9 quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality either. We offer you the world-wide famous award-winning Julius-K9 harnesses, certified as the highest quality by independent crash test. Every Julius-K9 harness has a one year warranty in order to guarantee you and your dog what you deserve.



And last but not least we give you our commitment and love for dogs. We really believe all dogs and their owners deserve the best and we do everything to make it possible! With our individualized harnesses dogs have the possibility not just to feel comfortable and free physically, but also in their identity and style.


If you choose us, you won't have reasons to worry about it anymore. We provide you speed, quality and uniqueness.

Start to complete your order now!

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