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    Festival With Dogs – Good Idea?!
    3 Festival With Dogs – Good Idea?!

    Taking Care of Your Doggy is Your Number One Duty

    It’s officially festivals’ season! Whether this certain festival is about music or food, we people can lose our minds and enjoy life to the full. However, if you have a four-legged friend at home, it’s not so easy to take some relaxation. We try to ...

    Basic accessories for puppies
    59 Basic accessories for puppies

    The moment you decide to buy a puppy there’s this stream of excitement overflowing you. Because it’s a big moment for sure, even if you had several dogs in your lifetime. If it’s your first, then it’s a huge thing. But surely, you must have doubts and questions. For instance: what kind of equipment ...

    Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 2
    3 Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 2

    In my previous blog post I talked about our sidebags. 

    Now let me share some information about our other accessories, such as

    • Julius-K9 Chestpads
    • Julius-K9 Seat Belt Adapters
    • Julius-K9 Y-Belts
    • Julius-K9 I-Belts

    Julius-K9 Chest Pad

    This soft part of equipment helps with distributing weight...

    Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 1
    102 Julius-K9 Accessories - Part 1

    Julius-K9 Saddlebags

    There are multiple kinds of Julius-K9 side bags

    • Universal Sidebags
    • IDC Sidebags
    • K9 Sidebags

    Universal Julius-K9 Sidebags

    These are colorful and really helpful accessories. You can keep your phone, documents and other important, small-sized things in it. 

    It is waterpr...

    Julius-K9 Power Harness - Color guide
    0 Julius-K9 Power Harness - Color guide

    Traditional K9 Powerharnesses are also available in many-many colors! 

    Being traditional isn't equal to old-fashioned! 

    Let me introduce all Julius-K9 Power Harness colors for you!

    Basic K9 Power Harness colors

    1. Black 
    2. Red
    3. Blue
    4. Camouflage
    5. Earth
    6. Orange
    7. Pink
    8. Kiwi Green
    9. Aquamrine
    10. Purple
    11. ...
    Julius-K9 Powerharness - The Power of Tradition
    0 Julius-K9 Powerharness - The Power of Tradition

    The Julius-K9 Powerharness

    It was invented in 1997 by Julius Sebő, the C.E.O. of Julius-K9. 

    It's still the leading dog harness in the EU since it has been put to such a good use that many dog trainers stick to the traditional K9 Powerharness

    But where does this popularity come from?

    In 1997 f...

    IDC Harness - Accessories
    12 IDC Harness - Accessories


    We always mention that there are numerous accessories available for IDC Harnesses. Now let me describe them a bit further! 

    There are SIX accessories:  

    1. Julius-K9 Sidebags
      • Universal Sidebags
        1. Neon (Yellow) 
        2. Blue
        3. Red
        4. Black
      • IDC Sidebags
        1. Size 0
        2. Size 1-2
        3. Size 3-4
    2. Julius-K9 Ches...
    Julius-K9 Harness Sizing - How to?
    9726 Julius-K9 Harness Sizing - How to?

    If you've read the " Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness - Ultimate Guide " then this article is for you! 

    Julius-K9 Harness Sizes - For IDC Power Harness

    From smallest to largest these are

    • Baby 1
    • Baby 2
    • Mini-Mini
    • Mini
    • Size 0
    • Size 1
    • Size 2
    • Size 3
    • Size 4

    Baby 1 and Baby 2

    These are the smalle...

    IDC Powerharness - All you should know about colors
    2 IDC Powerharness - All you should know about colors

    If you've read the " Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness - Ultimate Guide " topic I created, then this is for you! 

    IDC Powerharness - Would you like to know more than why it is the best? Then this article is for you!

    Did you know that there are more than 20+ colors you can choose from?

    Currently there ar...