Julius-K9 Harness Sizing - How to?

If you've read the " Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness - Ultimate Guide " then this article is for you! 

Julius-K9 Harness Sizes - For IDC Power Harness

From smallest to largest these are

  • Baby 1
  • Baby 2
  • Mini-Mini
  • Mini
  • Size 0
  • Size 1
  • Size 2
  • Size 3
  • Size 4

Baby 1 and Baby 2

These are the smallest size of all. These little IDC Power Harnesses are made for the tinyest toy dog breeds, such as:

  • Chihuahuas
  • Prague Ratters 
  • Russian Toy Terriers 
  • Taco Terriers 
  • Toy Fox Terriers 
  • Yorkshire Terriers 
  • Miniature Pinschers 
  • Papillons

They say that Julius-K9 IDC Power Harnesses are only for working dogs - let me contradict: 

Small dog breeds also deserve the best quality and the trendiest colors, furthermore, they can also be working dogs. Despite they are not conventional physical working dogs, they have a large impact on our lives. They can be a cure for depression and anxiety so IDC Power Harnesses are available for these all-heart little therapy dogs. And using a harness is also good for their neck, since their necks are weaker than big dogs'. 

Technical data:

Baby 1: Chest circumference: 29-36 cm (11.5-14 in), Weight: 0.8-3 kg (2-6.5 lbs)

Baby 2: Chest circumference: 33-45 cm (13-17.5 in), Weight: 2-5 kg (4.5-11 lbs)

Mini-Mini and Mini

These are still considered small sizes although these IDC Power Harnesses are for bigger dogs than Baby sizes. Usually these are bought for: 

  • West Highland Whites 
  • Pugs 
  • French Bulldogs 
  • Dachshunds 
  • Jack Russell Terriers 
  • Bull Terriers 
  • Whippets 
  • Shiba Inus 
  • Beagles

Also they have more features than Baby sizes: On Mini-Mini and Mini IDC Power Harnesses there is a closable handle on the top side of the harness and also an Oeko-Tex inner lining can be found. For these ones, purchasing universal sidebags is advised. 

Technical data: 

Mini-Mini: Chest circumference: 40-53 cm (15.5-20.5 in), Weight: 4-7 kg (9-15.5 lbs)

Mini: Chest circumference: 49-67 cm (20-26.5 in), Weight: 7-15 kg (15.5-33 lbs)

Size 0

This size is a pure medium. It has all the features a Julius-K9 IDC Power Harness can have. You can attach sidebags to it, it features a LED Light holder on one side and it has a wider reflective strip on the chest strap. Its central ring, unlike smaller sizes, is made of INOX, not chrome-plated steel. This is the most popular size according to our sales records. 

This size is suitable for breeds: 

  • Bulldogs 
  • American Cocker Spaniels 
  • English Cocker Spaniels 
  • German Pinschers 
  • Siberian Huskys 
  • Dalmatians 
  • Poodles 
  • Pulis 

Technical data:

Size 0: Chest circumference: 58-76 cm (23-30 in), Weight: 14-25 kg (31-55 lbs)

From Size 1 to Size 4

The only difference between Size 0 and bigger harnesses is that bigger harnesses have elastic LED Light holders on both sides, while Size 0 harnesses have only on one. And of course, their dimensions. Please note that harnesses which are bigger than Size 0 require large labels.

Size 1 and Size 2

These Julius-K9 IDC Power Harnesses are medium-large sized. Optimal for dog breeds:

  • German Shepherds 
  • Golden Retrievers 
  • Irish Setters 
  • Australian Shepherds 
  • Vizslas 
  • Basset Hounds 
  • Belgian Malinois 
  • Komondors 
  • Labrador Retrievers 
  • Boxers 
  • Collies 
  • Rottweilers 
  • Greyhounds 
  • Weimaraners 
  • American Staffordshire Terriers

Technical data: 

Size 1: Chest circumference: 63-85 cm (26-33.5 in), Weight: 23-30 kg (50.5-66 lbs)

Size 2: Chest circumference: 71-96 cm (28-37.5 in), Weight: 28-40 kg (61.5-88 lbs)

Size 3 and Size 4

These are the largest IDC Power Harnesses we retail for extra-sized lovebombs. Thanks to the high-quality and durable materials we use, a Julius-K9 IDC Power Harness won't break even if it is used by an Irish Wolfhound (The biggest dog breed). 

Suitable for dogs: 

  • Mastiffs 
  • Great Danes 
  • Saint Bernards 
  • Doberman Pinschers 
  • Bloodhounds
  • Akitas 
  • Newfoundlands
  • Great Pyreneess 
  • Irish Wolfhounds 
  • Kuvasz

Technical data: 

Size 3: Chest circumference: 82-115 cm (32.5-46.5 in), Weight: 40-70 kg (88-154 lbs)

Size 4: Chest circumference: 96-138 cm (38-54.5 in), Weight: 70-90 kg (154-198 lbs) 

Julius-K9 Harness Sizing - It's never been easier! 

"That's nice that you educate us on sizes..." But where's the answer for the most important question?


Well here's my guide on Julius-K9 Harness Sizing so you can choose the perfect harness for your dog! 

For small canines, who are considerably Baby 1 or Baby 2 sizes, you should put your index- and middle fingers behind their front legs and measure there! It's this easy! 

For dogs who need approximately Mini-Mini or Mini harnesses you should measure 3 fingers behind their front legs.

For bigger dogs, keep a 4-finger from the front legs and you'll be good. 

Although weight is indicated at sizes, the most important thing is the dog's dimensions. 

Please always measure your dog!

You can read more on Julius-K9 IDC Harness Sizing iand adjusting if you scroll down!

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