Julius-K9 Powerharness - The Power of Tradition

The Julius-K9 Powerharness

It was invented in 1997 by Julius Sebő, the C.E.O. of Julius-K9. 

It's still the leading dog harness in the EU since it has been put to such a good use that many dog trainers stick to the traditional K9 Powerharness

But where does this popularity come from?

In 1997 first demands came from Austrian and Hungarian police forces who trained working dogs. The harness was such a succes that even military units started using them! 

In 2000 this great invention is presented to the public eye at VDH World Expo in Dortmund.

After, the K9 Powerharness became the most popular dog harness in Europe and Julius-K9 is still the greatest dog equipment supplier in the EU. Julius-K9 has contracts with various authorities, countless trainers and dog shelters.

For this reason Julius-K9 Powerharnesses were regularly presented in the media.

K9 Julius Harnesses also won the first place in an independent test conducted by professional dog trainers assigned by WDR television.

In 2010 the new IDC Powerharness product line is developed. 

From then, sales in the USA mainly consisted of IDC Powerharnesses. But the popularity of the original K9 Power Harnesses is unbroken.

How do original Julius-K9 Powerharnesses and IDC Powerharnesses differ from each other?

Well within the year of 2010 twenty innovations were presented at the Hungarian patent office of which many are part of the new IDC Powerharness family.

Here are the main differences:

  • The reflective chest strap on IDC Powerharnesses is placed lower, so it distributes weight on the chestbone instead of pressuring the dog's neck.
  • The buckle is placed lower on the K9 Power Harness which might restrict free movement of the front legs.
  • Saddle part covers a bigger surface on the Julius-K9 Powerharness.
  • IDC Powerharness labels also cover a smaller surface on the side compared to the original Julius-K9 Powerharness.
  • Closable handle is not available on the K9 Powerharness.
  • In 1997 nobody though about using LED flashlights on harnesses, so the original K9 Powerharness does not support mounting a flashlight. 

These differences are no big deal, right? This is why the Julius-K9 Powerharness is still rocking today!